Winter Season means Dry, Itchy Skin. You need Alyria.

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Living in Ontario means changing seasons, and with the changing of the seasons we notice a change in our skin. The cold air outside and the warm furnace inside are drying out your skin’s moisture.  If your skin is feeling the tight itchy effects of winter maybe it’s time to switch some of your products for the season.

Moisture loss is one of the main concerns during the winter months as everything we are exposed to outside as well as indoors are absorbing all the moisture in the air. Using a great moisturizer such as Alyria’s Hydrating Complex morning and night will help replenish the skin’s moisture and elasticity, eliminating the itchy, tight feeling associated with dry skin. Also maintaining constant cell turnover with Alyria’s Exfoliating Level 1 or Level 2 cream will help to smooth the surface of dry, sun-damaged or aging skin improving roughness and minimizing fine lines. Last but not least don’t forget the Sunscreen! Sunscreen is not only for summertime, the winter sun combined with snow glare can still be damaging to your skin. Alyria’s Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45 will not only protect your skin from sun exposure but it will also nourish, moisturize and repair.  It is non-irritating and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

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