Are You Looking For A Non Surgical Alternative To A Facelift?

torontos non surgical facelift alternative

What is SELPHYL?

SELPHYL is a non-surgical alternative for facial rejuvenation (it’s an excellent alternative for those looking for a non surgical option over a facelift) which uses growth factors from a patient’s own blood to tighten and smooth skin. This procedure is also been referred to as the ‘Vampire Facelift‘.

The Benefits

A SELPHYL procedure will assist in reducing the signs of aging.  Since it’s an all natural procedure using components from the patient’s own blood, there’s no risk of an allergic reaction. After undergoing this procedure, patients can expect to see results such as:

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark under-eye circles and minimized pores
  • Restored volume lost during the aging process
  • Triggered growth of collagen and elastin in the skin

The Cost
Each treatment is $499 + tax.  For maximum results we recommend 2 – 3 treatments done 4-6 weeks apart.

The Procedure

When the patient comes into our office for the procedure, the first step is extracting a small amount of blood which then goes through a separation process to extract the beneficial platelets and fibrin. This material is then injected just under the skin within the treatment area.

The procedure is quick, yet very effective and typically takes from 20- to 30 minutes. I recommend a series of 3 treatments for the most benefit.


There may be mild swelling or bruising after the procedure for one-to- two days, however unlike a facelift procedure no pain medication is necessary.


Patients will see gradual improvement in the condition of their skin within 3- to- 6 weeks after treatment. In addition to the reduction of fine lines and restoration of volume patients typically see improvements in skin hydration and tone. For those seeking a non surgical alternative to a facelift in Toronto this is a preferable option.

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