Realself Plastic Surgery Questions & Answers: My breasts are too lose and soft, how can I make it harder and tighter?

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Today’s question and answer is related to breasts and improving the firmness. Many women looking for breast augmentation are looking for specific results. In order to get the results you’re after its often better to describe the specific issue rather than simply stating you’d like breast augmentation.

Toronto plastic surgery clinics such as ours should be referenced for the expertise in assessing you aesthetically rather than seen as hired hands. Breast implants may not be the best way to achieve the improvements in the appearance of your breasts that you’re after. It may require another procedure or a combination of more than one breast augmentation procedure.

Q: My breasts are too lose and soft, how can I make it harder and tighter?

A: To increase firmness or tightness of the breast requires either removing some of the loose skin with a breast lift or restoring / adding volume with breast implants, or possibly both. The decision between a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination requires careful discussion with your plastic surgeon based on your individual needs and goals. There often not one “right” answer, and there is no replacement for a personal consultation and experienced opinion of your consultant. 

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