Realself Plastic Surgery Questions & Answers: The Cost Of Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants In Toronto

breast augmentation cost toronto is a great platform we’ve already mentioned on this blog. It provides an easy to use interface to finding the best plastic surgeon. Toronto is just one of many cities on the site offering hundreds of plastic surgeon’s bios and more. Breast implant specialists in Toronto are featured and Dr. Goldberg is among them. Part of their service is an area where anyone can ask a question and expect an answer from one or more plastic surgeons.

As a part of Dr. Goldberg’s commitment to those seeking the breast implants in Toronto he answers this user’s question: what are the variables involved in pricing out breast implants.

Q…I would just like to know what makes it low like 4,500 to more expensive like 7,000 dollars? 🙂 Thank you! (I’m very anxious to have this surgery done in the next couple years) P.S. If I was looking to go from an 34A cup to full C, would this bring my cost up? Thanks again 🙂

A: Factors Affecting the Cost of Breast Surgery

The biggest factor in the cost of breast augmentation is the type of implants selected – saline vs. silicone. The manufacturer price for a saline implant is around $600 compared to $1200 for a silicone implant. 
Other factors include the location, the experience of the surgeon,  and sometimes the selected incision. 
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