Answers To Questions About Breasts From Toronto Breast Augmentation Expert Dr Cory Goldberg

Toronto Breast Augmentation Recovery

For those considering Breast Augmentation in Toronto we have 4 Answers from Dr. Goldberg to some important questions about breasts


At what age do breasts stop developing?

Breasts stop developing approximately age 18-21 with some variation.  Sometimes later in life women can develop breasts, and even after having breast reduction some women continue to develop.  This is generally very unusual.


Breast Augmentation Recovery : What can I expect?

After breast augmentation, regardless of whether the implants are put over or under the muscle, the recovery time is approximately 3-5 days.  After that most women are able to return to work and some light activity.  Usually I recommend starting shoulder stretches immediately after surgery.  Light exercise can resume at approximately 2 weeks.  Heavy exercise such as weight lifting and running can resume after 4 weeks.  Scar maturation and overall healing takes between 6 and 9 months.


Signs of capsular contracture after breast augmentation

Capsular contracture is scar tissue that forms around breast implants, and happens after breast augmentation and also breast reconstruction.  Although the normal response for a body is to form some scar tissue around implants, excessive scar formation can form and this can cause firmness and even pain.  Although this is relatively uncommon, the presence of hardening of the breasts, change of shape, or pain in one or both breasts can be an indication of capsular contracture.  If this should happen, you should consult with your plastic surgeon for discussions about options for treatment.


Loss of sensation after Breast Augmentation

Generally speaking immediately after breast augmentation most women have some minor numbness in the nipples just related to healing and swelling.  However, this is usually short lived and generally speaking nipple sensation turns to normal after breast augmentation.  Rarely, less than 5% of the time, there can be some diminished sensation of the nipple.  Usually this is temporary and returns to normal within 6 months.  However, very rarely, it is possible to completely lose sensation of the nipple or have significant decrease in sensation.  This is more common with incisions just under the nipple or if breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift.

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