Breast Reconstruction: What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive?

toronto breast reconstruction

Dr. Goldberg sees a lot of issues as a plastic surgeon and not all procedures are exactly elective. For many women facing a myriad of medical concerns breast reconstruction can mean the difference between being happy with themselves rather than depressed. In Toronto breast reconstruction is no different. Whether the patient is having her body and self esteem rebuilt after beating breast cancer or its simply to correct issues she’s been dealing with since birth breast reconstruction is extremely important to many women all over the world.

Recently we asked Dr. Goldberg a precise question with respect to breast reconstruction surgery.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery?

For breasts a cosmetic operation would include an augmentation to increase size, a breast lift to rejuvenate or restore or the combination of augmentation and lift.  Those are the cosmetic breast surgeries.  Breast reconstruction is restore for something that’s been deformed by cancer or potentially something that is meant to provide improved symmetry or reconstruct breasts that never developed for genital or congenital reasons.  Those are relatively rare but that does happen.

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