Brow Lift vs Blepharoplasty- Which is best for sagging eyelids?

Today we’ve got more on eyelids and anti ageing procedures that help with sagging eyelids. We get a lot of patients at our clinic looking for the best anti ageing solutions so if a more youthful appearance is what you’re after then this question is for you.

Brow Lift vs Blepharoplasty- Which is the best solution for sagging eyelids?

This is a very important question to ask. Ultimately, most patients come in for eyelid rejuvenation and ask about upper eyelid surgery. However, most often the problem is a combination of upper eyelid excess skin, and also a lowering/drooping of the brows. The brow and forehead lowers over time as a natural part of aging. The most visible thing is that the upper eyelid skin looks heavy, but ultimately the problem is a combination of the eyelids and forehead. Most often, eyelid surgery will largely correct the problem. However, in more severe cases both upper eye lid and brow operation are required together. Sometimes, the problem is mostly with regards to the forehead and brow, in which case a brow lift would be the best option. This decision needs to be made with your surgeon.

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