The Dr. Cory Goldberg Clinic Has Some Exciting Things Coming In 2016!

toronto plastic surgery

At the Dr. Cory Goldberg plastic surgery clinic in Toronto we make every effort to get our patients the results they want. This means that we’re always bringing new solutions and offering new ways to get you the aesthetic changes you have in mind and in 2016 we have some great things coming.

Dr. Goldberg will continue offering Toronto the best anti ageing solutions whether its face lifts, breast implants, breast reconstruction, tummy tucks, and more (as well as completing his MBA!).
For those after non surgical anti ageing solutions our aesthetic experts will have some great new ways to help you look younger in 2016.

We constantly strive to offer Toronto the best in cosmetic surgery and non surgical anti ageing solutions.

We have several new projects coming as well that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Our January Newsletter will have more information and in the mean time please get in touch if you want to book an appointment with Dr. Goldberg or our aesthetics staff!

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