Dr Goldberg and Operation Smile

As I sit in the airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on my way home from a mission with Operation Smile I realize that this has once again been a time of great reflection. Through the week I have been inspired by the strength of human spirit in the volunteers and parents. I have seen a group of strangers assemble from around the globe and accomplish wonders. I’ve seen parents who are willing to sacrifice everything with the hope of giving a future to their children. 

I happened to be in the recovery room when a mother received her infant, whose cleft lip I had just repaired. In that moment she saw her child for the first time, and the immensity of that washed over me like a wave, giving a moment of absolute clarity and humility. 

With little or nothing we can make immense differences in the lives of others,and find our own happiness. I understand that in an instant what we have can change or be lost. I am reminded to cherish everything I have in my life – every day.

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