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If you’re looking for the right surgeon and doing your research you will likely find realself.com

For the uninitiated, realself.com is a site specifically for plastic surgeons to not only post photos and a bio but to answer your questions about any procedures you are thinking about. The site is easy to use and has succeeded because of it. The before and after galleries are great because you can compare between surgeons right on the same website.

Dr. Goldberg has a 5 star rating on Realself. Plastic surgeons are rated by patients so you can read the accounts first hand from¬†actual patient’s real¬†experience. We maintain our presence on Realself because we know its a great tool for those evaluating surgeons before committing to one.

If you’re interested in reviewing more information please review Dr Cory Goldberg on realself and when you’re ready you can get in touch through our plastic surgery center website or through realself’s own contact form.


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