Dr. Goldberg talks about his next phase in plastic surgery with The Globe And Mail

dr cory goldberg globe and mail

The plan is to combine a business degree with his clinical experience and basic science knowledge to advance an industry committed to producing medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs and therapies.

For those who read The Globe and Mail you’ll notice a new story about Dr. Cory Goldberg expanding his academic base to include a MBA with his PHD.

As a part of expanding his ability to service Toronto and Canada Dr. Goldberg will be taking on the challenging task of a MBA while continuing with his practice.

The goal of my MBA is to enhance the various aspects of businesses I am already involved in and use it for avenues for new growth…

As an expert in plastic surgery Dr. Goldberg knows the industry is not stagnant. In expanding his knowledge base with a MBA he will be better equipped to service even more people interested in plastic surgery in the greater Toronto area.

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