Is 40 Too Young For A Facelift?

get a facelift at 40

Facelifts aren’t always performed the same way and the variables involved in deciding which method is right for you should always be evaluated by your plastic surgeon before opting to proceed. The procedure is quite common and Dr. Goldberg has performed many facelifts with fantastic results. Some patients find results are best with a mini facelift or a mid facelift while others get better benefits by combining either with a necklift.

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Today’s question relates to how old is old enough to warrant going under the knife for a facelift.

Is 40 too young for a facelift?

The answer, is that there is no correct age to do a facelift. Everybody has different anatomy, and everybody’s skin ages differently. There are some disorders that result in rapidly aging skin, and this may necessitate a facelift at a young age. Sometimes, even in 40’s there is some benefit to a limited facelift.

However, typically speaking late 40’s, to early 50’s is a time that the average person would most benefit from their first facelift.

If you’re wondering if you’re right for a facelift or perhaps simply want to explore anti aging options then please get in touch to schedule your appointment.


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