Is a facelift the best option for a sagging and droopy face?

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Facelift Options

With age comes wisdom…and sagging skin. What can be done about it? Sometimes non surgical anti ageing methods can be employed. Other times a facelift is the only option. When you meet with Dr Goldberg he will discuss both options to treat sagging skin. When you have all the information you can then make your own informed decision. To start you off we asked Dr Goldberg:

What are the best options for a sagging and droopy face?

There are both surgical, and non-surgical options for sagging and gravity changes related to the face. Non-surgical options can include improving volume with fillers. There are also some dissolving threads that can provide some lift effect. However, generally when it comes to sagging and loose skin the best option is surgical. Options for the face include a facelift, or it’s just the neck area then possibly a neck lift. Often times, facelift is combined with eyelid rejuvenation surgery. In addition, sometimes brow lift to elevate the forehead may be necessary.

There you have it! While there are some non surgical options it will all depend on you and the results you’re after. A facelift with a brow lift may be best. Or it could be a neck lift. Talking to a plastic surgeon will help you know which is right for your situation and goals.

What exactly should I expect from a facelift?

The best answer for this is on our page devoted to facelifts. There you’ll find all the info you need and if you still have questions then please get in touch with our clinic to schedule your consultation!

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