Can fat be removed from eyes without surgery?

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Today we’re going to take a look at a question posed to Dr. Goldberg with respect to eye surgery. Plastic surgery on the eyes is not uncommon since the eyes tend to develop signs of ageing that are not always treatable with non surgical solutions. When opting to undergo plastic surgery on your eyes its very important to be aware of the risks associated and the healing time.

Dr. Goldberg was good enough to answer this very good question with respect to plastic surgery on the eyes and we have his answer for you here:

What could have caused my uneven eyes?

Uneven eyes are normal for many people in the population. In fact, almost everybody has one eye which is larger than the other and in fact one side of the face that is larger than the other. This can cause the appearance of one of the eyebrows being higher than the other, one of the eyes being larger than the other, and even asymmetry of the mouth. This is normal, and while surgery can sometimes diminish this unevenness, it usually can’t be corrected completely.

Can eye bags and fat be removed without blepharoplasty?

 In short, no they can’t. There are no non-surgical options for removing fat under the eyelids without surgery. Having said that, non-surgical options can improve the appearance of bags. For example, filler along a tear troph can camoflauge bags in the lower eyelids by blending them into the cheeks. However, this is only camoflauge and doesn’t actually correct the problem.

With regards to surgery, it is possible to preform blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery through the lining of the inner eyelid, which can remove fat without any external scar. While this is surgical, it is usually a shorter and simpler procedure to go through than typical blepharoplasty.

Anti ageing is a difficult task but with the right surgeon and the right non surgical options applied its very possible to reverse the signs of ageing in your eyes.

If you have fat under your eyes and are interested in blepharoplasty please get in touch with our clinic to schedule your appointment.

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