Dr. Goldberg Featured In Big Medicine Talking About Anti Ageing Solution GliSODin!


Dr. Goldberg has been featured in Big Medicine!

GliSODin Skin Nutrients has been quietly on the market in Canada, Mexico and Europe for some time. In 2001, François Vix , a former brand manager and senior executive for L’Oreal, Lancôme, and Johnson & Johnson, discovered an orally stable form of the antioxidant enzyme SOD, which was developed by two French immunologists. It was later trademarked GliSODin® and is derived from a French melon that contains 7x more SOD than regular melon.

Dr. Goldberg is a proud spokesman for GliSODin anti ageing products and his speaking series in 2014 and 2015 in the USA continues to be a huge success in spreading awareness about about the amazing anti ageing benefits of GliSODin.

“Under normal physiological conditions, a balance between these species and the body’s anti-oxidant defenses exists, however, certain conditions such as smoking, pollution, exposure to sunlight (UV radiation), metabolism of sugars related to high intensity exercise, the progression of aging, infection and the subsequent immune response, can increase the production of ROS like the superoxide ion (O2-) and the hydroxyl ion (OH-). This will disrupt the natural balance within the body and ultimately lead to oxidative stress, but with GliSODin we have the ability to control oxidative stress internally.”

Dr. Cory Goldberg

Source: Big Medicine

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