Do You Know About GLisodin in Toronto?

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GLisodin is a fantastic product our practice is really proud to offer and excited to talk bout. With multiple benefits depending on usage we thought it would be best for those looking for GLisodin in Toronto to hear about it from Dr. Goldberg himself:

Why do you recommend GLisodin products to all of your surgical patients?

When I initially offered GLisodin in my practice about 5 years ago, I wasn’t a believer.  I offered it simply because I felt like I was giving my patients something that would make them feel good but when I saw the impact that it had I realized just how powerful a tool it was.  I noted that my patients had an easier recovery period.  They had less swelling, less pain, and less bruising and in fact the pain was improved so much that the amount of pain medication was decreased and when I saw that I started looking into the product trying to understand what it was and how it worked. What I discovered is that it is a potent antioxidant that functions as an anti-inflammatory and by reducing inflammation it has all these positive effects which then reduces the patient’s recovery and makes it much easier for them and as such I’m a strong believer in using for all my cosmetic surgery patients.  Once I saw how powerful the Glisodin pre-post formula was, I started offering the other formulations in my practice and I have seen similar results from all of those.  In particular the Cleanse and Slimming Formula for weight management, I have seen great success with those both with my patients and with myself having lost 45lbs using the system.

Could anyone benefit from Glisodin products even if they are not cosmetic patients?  Would it help people with arthritis or other inflammation issues?

Glisodin on its own is very effective in reducing inflammation in all organ systems and there is good human data that shows that it reduces pain from arthritis and reduces inflammation around rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and it treats many skin disorders that are otherwise difficult to treat such as melasma.

What does Glisodin have to offer to the many women that struggle with sun damage or melasma in their skin?

The skin brightening formulation of Glisodin contains multiple ingredients that help to address pigmentation of the skin.  Some of the chief ingredients include those that are related to reducing the inflammation, and the inflammation is an originator of producing the original pigmentation to the skin, so this actually treats the root cause of that pigment problem.  In addition there are other ingredients such as hesperidin which is an extract from lemon that actually inhibits the enzyme in your skin that produces melanin and as such it also reduces your skin producing this pigment in the first place.  All of this is to say that it is able to reduce pigmentation in the skin such as melasma, and mask of pregnancy and many other disorders which were previously mostly untreatable.

If you are looking for as asset to help you achieve your aesthetic goals then please get in touch. GLisodin at our Toronto clinic is quite popular and we would love to speak with new or existing patients about how GLisodin can help.


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