What is the ideal age for a rhinoplasty?

best age for nose job

Rhinoplasty (aka a nose job) is a very popular procedure. Dr. Goldberg has helped countless patients with a variety of nose related issues.

The procedure is not an easy one nor is the approach to each nose job fixed.

To address this we will be featuring a series of Q & A’s specifically on nose job questions.

If you are looking at getting a nose job but haven’t gained the required comfort level from your rhinoplasty surgeon please read on. We encourage anyone undergoing a surgical procedure to heavily evaluate their surgeon beforehand and plastic surgery is no exception.

Q: What is the ideal age for a rhinoplasty?


Given that Rhinoplasty is about adjusting and refining the appearance of the nose, the best time to do it is early in life to have the maximum benefit.  Before doing rhinoplasty it’s important that you’ve reached full growth of your bones, which is typically around age 18.  Having said that, some people mature more quickly and it is possible to do rhinoplasty as young as age 16.  This is surgeon dependent.

If you have your own specific question for Dr. Goldberg regarding nose jobs or other plastic surgery procedures please contact our clinic directly.


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