The Mommy Makeover: What Is It And When Should You Get One?

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The Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a term that pertains to multiple procedures aimed at reversing any lasting aesthetic affects of a pregnancy. While many women have goals in mind its important to have a professional plastic surgeon like Dr. Goldberg evaluate your current situation and what you hope to achieve with your surgery(ies). You may be advised to undergo a tummy tuck, thigh lift, or breast augmentation. Toronto patients can trust that Dr. Goldberg is an expert and a perfectionist with many years of experience in providing a complete mommy makeover.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

The first criteria to having a mommy makeover is that you’re a mommy.

The typical mommy makeover includes a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, that’s the most common combination but what defines a mommy makeover is at least 2 procedures which include some sort of restoration of breasts and some kind of body contouring.

Why is it best to have these mommy makeover procedures at one time instead of individually?

From a practical point of view for a patient, it’s far easier to go through a single recovery period, rather than having to undergo multiple procedures.  So there is less downtime overall.  Additionally, there’s a certain satisfaction of getting it all done at once and being able to enjoy the results and getting back into a bathing suit.  The last benefit is that there is financial savings from combining the procedures by diminishing the overhead and anesthesia costs associated.

My children are still very young, should I still consider a mommy makeover now?

There’s no right time to consider a mommy makeover after delivery.  Generally I recommend waiting 3-6 months after delivery, or if someone is breast feeding 3-6 months after they are done breast feeding and that’s to allow the body to reach a steady state where it’s recovered as much as it’s going to and that way when I operate I have a level playing field.  I’m not working on something that’s still changing.

I still plan on having more children.  Should I consider a mommy makeover now?

That’s a difficult question to answer in that if it’s not a certain plan that you are going to have more children, it’s sort of an open ended answer.  In the end if you are going to have another pregnancy and you are certain that you want to do that, it will be better to wait until after your final delivery because if you were to have the surgery and have an additional child thereafter it would result in a loss of your results and you potentially would want more surgery done.

Will my scars from the mommy makeover be visible?

Scars from the mommy makeover fade over about a year to a year and a half and they are placed in positions where they are generally hidden while wearing normal clothing such as a bikini or even just wearing underwear.  This would include breast augmentation and breast lifts as well as tummy tucks.  In the end however the scars are permanent and even though they fade, they will always be visible and so out of clothes you’d be able to see them.  However, the trade off for the scars after they’ve faded is well worth while because we are removing the excess skin and fat and tightening up the loose muscles and the improvement in the shape and size of the breasts far outweighs the appearance of the scars that are left.

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