What To Know About Non Surgical Anti Aging Treatments: BOTOX and Dysport

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Some of the most common inquiries that come up at my practice revolve around anti aging non surgical solutions BOTOX and Dysport. Here in Toronto, these common skin rejuvenation treatments have enjoyed extreme popularity.  If you are interested in combating facial aging without resorting to surgery then one of these treatments could be for you.

Both non surgical anti aging skin care treatments address dynamic wrinkles – those caused by repeated facial muscle movement (that is the muscles you use when you make facial expressions). Periodic sessions help relax these muscles and reduce the appearance of neck bands, crow’s feet and other manifestations of aging.

Whether you choose BOTOX or Dysport non surgical anti aging skin care your treatment sessions will be short – often less than 30 minutes. Both offer excellent results, and the matter of which to choose will depend on your personal preference as well as your particular pattern of facial aging. Our skin care staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about these highly effective injectable skin rejuvenation methods.



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