toronto non surgical facial


Non surgical skin care treatment and procedures by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr Cory S Goldberg.

There are many options out there to help maintain or regain your youthful appearance, some more invasive than others. The fastest growing market in the cosmetic industry is non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Clients are able to maintain their youth through laser treatments, light therapies as well as injectable treatments all of which can help to prolong the need for surgical intervention.

There are many things that contribute to the ageing process such as sun, environment, lifestyle and natural ageing. The first signs of ageing are generally fine lines, sun spots, redness and volume loss. These can be treated using non-surgical options. Non-invasive procedures are a cost effective option with little or no downtime that can treat facial wrinkles, improve signs of ageing, contour facial features and help skin imperfections. Injectables and rejuvenation techniques can be performed during an office visit, rather than requiring a trip to the operating room, and don’t require general anesthesia.  By treating our skin for the signs of ageing from an early age we can maintain a healthy youthful appearance for many years prior to searching out surgical options.

Non-surgical treatments are very effective but do have their limitations. To address some concerns surgical treatments are necessary. The options for surgery can address many concerns such as “heavy” eyelids, loose skin around the lower face (jowls), shape of the nose, etc. A consultation is required to help determine what your main concerns are and how to properly address them to help you achieve your desired goals. The combination of skin care and maintenance after facial rejuvenation surgery is vital to achieve a great result and to maintain it over time.

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