Revision Rhinoplasty (fixing a nose job) : Reworking Facial Harmony

toronto nose job fix

The vast majority of nose jobs produce satisfactory results. Performed correctly, this procedure can achieve an attractive and harmonious facial balance. If the results aren’t exactly what you expected, a secondary procedure can often be the answer. I periodically perform corrective rhinoplasty surgery at my Toronto practice to improve upon the results of patients’ past surgeries.

Here are two issues I commonly address with revision rhinoplasty:

  1. Cosmetic Imperfections: Your primary procedure may have resulted in cosmetic imperfections such as asymmetry, an overpronounced bump, or other irregularities. When you visit my office for a corrective rhinoplasty consultation, we will have a frank discussion about your dissatisfaction with your initial results. I will examine your nose carefully to determine your candidacy for a secondary procedure. If so, we will work together to form a revision strategy that will best achieve your goals for correcting your results.
  2. Physiological Imperfections: Rhinoplasty  (nose jobs) can make drastic improvements on conditions like a deviated septum, which create blockages and, in turn, respiratory issues. On extremely rare occasions, rhinoplasty procedures can actually lead to, or simply fail to correct, structural imperfections of the nose. This can lead to difficulties with breathing, making a second procedure necessary. In these cases, I keep aesthetics (and of course, safety) in mind when planning and carrying out revision surgery.

If you had a nose job procedure and are not 100% satisfied then please get in touch.




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