What Are Patients Biggest Concerns When Getting Plastic Surgery In Toronto?

What Are Patients Biggest Concerns When Getting Plastic Surgery In Toronto-

Surgery is not without its risks and plastic surgery is no different. Often patients come to Dr. Goldberg and they convey their reservations about getting plastic surgery. In Toronto we have some of the best facilities in the world available to patients to ensure their comfort and safety.
Dr. Goldberg offers his insight into the typical concerns Canadians have over getting plastic surgery and how he helps them make the right choice.

What is the biggest concern that patients want addressed when considering getting plastic surgery in Toronto?

I think most people, especially related to their first experience having elective surgery, they need to address their concerns about having any kind of procedure at all which they’re choosing to undergo.  Usually this is related to concerns around anesthesia and the risks of the surgery and around the recovery and the discomfort that they’ll feel during the recovery.  With reassurance around safety of anesthesia and the low risk involved in most operations and discussion about the nature of recovery from surgery, most patients feel reassured and comfortable to proceed. 

I find that it’s often the case that after someone has one operation, they are much more comfortable to discuss it and often return to have additional procedures.  Things they thought about for a long time but were never really comfortable addressing.  Now they are, simply because they recognize that it’s a much easier process to go through than they originally anticipated.

If you have thought about a particular procedure but want to review possible risks associated with it then please get in touch. Many patients find that after they’ve reviewed the details of the process with Dr. Goldberg at our Toronto clinic they feel more comfortable proceeding with their plastic surgery.

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