Is There A Best Time For Canadians To Get Plastic Surgery?

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Many patients who come to my practice often wonder when the best time of the year is to have a cosmetic procedure performed. As the seasons change many Canadians begin to wonder if there is a “right” time for plastic surgery. While they may want to look their best for an upcoming holiday party or for frolicking in the summer sun, truthfully there is no ideal season for plastic surgery. Toronto’s seasons change but getting plastic surgery in Toronto is not necessarily a seasonal thing.

When to get plastic surgery is up to you but consider how you will be dressing during that time of year. If swelling occurs will you be able to cover up comfortably?

When patients come to my office and are concerned with the timing of their procedure I tell them that any time is good – there is no best time by season. Timing depends on the lifestyle and schedule of each individual. The ideal time is when it’s ideal for you so for those living in Toronto plastic surgery is really a personal decision you base on many variables but time of year should not be one of them alone.

With that being said there is a great article from the Huffington Post on the variables for deciding when to get plastic surgery that I’ve mentioned that can help guide you to your ideal time for getting plastic surgery.

Here’s a quick quote for those looking at May (right now!)

Spring-April thru June

This is another busy and advantageous cosmetic surgery season. People have a mind set to get “work” done this time of year to be ready for summer; the beach, bathing suits, less clothing, summer parties, weddings and vacation. Many of the same advantages enjoyed in winter apply here. Some people prefer to enjoy the holidays and winter sports, and opt to have surgery in the spring. It also gives you a chance to diet and exercise to lose the extra holiday weight. Unfortunately, it is also a plan to fall back on when your ambitious New Year’s resolutions fail.


Climate still cool enough in many regions to conceal with bulky clothing (northern states)
Kids still in school
Spring holidays and long weekends to recuperate
Final tune-up before summer and bathing suits

Prep and Deceive

Diet and exercise
Change hair style and/or color
Alter make-up routine

Recommended Surgery

Breast surgery
Body contouring
Facial surgery

If you’re ready to get started then please get in touch. My/our (Dr. Cory Goldberg) plastic surgery clinic in Toronto is equipped with staff who can advise on not only what is best for you for the results you want but also when with no pressure appointments and seasoned expertise guiding the way.

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