Realself Featured Question: Can jowls come back after a lower facelift?



As a part of our ongoing posts on featured questions we’re sharing this one regarding the return of jowls after a lower facelift.

Can jowls come back after a lower facelift?


Following a facial rejuvenation procedure of any kind, normal aging will continue. The procedure will reverse the clock and turn back time, but normal aging affects will continue. So, jowls can return after a facelift, but ultimately this is unlikely to be visible until at least 10 or more years after the surgery. The effects of the surgery will last forever, and you will look younger for the rest of your life, but ultimately time can’t be stopped.


With a 95% ‘worth it’ rating on realself the lower facelift, or mini facelift, is a great procedure for anyone looking at anti ageing options.

Our clinic offers many options when it comes to anti ageing including the mini facelift. Anyone interested in further discussing having a lower facelift can schedule an appointment with Dr Goldberg by visiting our plastic surgery clinic website.

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