Realself Plastic Surgery Questions & Answers: Is 15 Too Early For Rhinoplasty?

how young for plastic surgery

Is 15 years old too young for rhinoplasty? Nose jobs are one of the most complex procedures in plastic surgery. The exact approach to improving the appearance of the nose will depend on the nature of the imperfections and the surgeon. Our latest Q and A feature addresses the question of how young is too young for a nose job?

Q: I am 15 and have a nose bump, I want to get a nose job to remove it but I feel my nose is still growing. one side of my nose feels fatter.

A: generally, the nose continues to grow until around age 18. however, some people mature faster and so for many it is possible to do rhinoplasty at age 16. When I see patients who are 15 I usually order xrays of the hand which can assess how close someone is to finishing their bone growth. If a 15 year old is reasonably close to that point, it is safe.Also, at that age I am very careful to make sure that patients are mature enough to understand their decision. I also require parental participation in the decision and their consent as well, despite the fact that the law does not require this.


If you are interested in rhinoplasty and have questions feel free to visit Realself or contact us here with your questions. Patients in the GTA are invited to our clinic on in the west end of Toronto. Rhinoplasty surgery and other procedures will be assessed at our clinic and our Vectra 3D system can show you an approximation of your results before you make any decision.


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