Realself Plastic Surgery Questions & Answers: Breast augmentation revision – Need a second option.

Breast augmentation revision toronto

Have you had breast augmentation surgery performed and are not entirely happy with the results? For a lot of women the results of their breast augmentation (whether it is a breast lift or breast implants or a combination of both) can be less than satisfying. While blame can be laid in every direction the best thing to do is get a second opinion on the results and see if the aspects of the procedure you feel let down by can be addressed with what is known as revision breast augmentation.

Our latest Q and A looks at whether or not revision breast augmentation is a good option.

Q: Hello: I have recently done a breast augmentation and I am not happy with the result. My doctor has given me some options as how to do the revision. But I like to consult with one or two other surgeons. Can I get an appointment from a plastic surgeon to ask for her/his opinion or that also falls under the revision specialist category (I realized that the majority of the doctors refuse to do a revision)? Thanks

A: all plastic surgeons meet patients that need revision surgery. Any experienced plastic surgeon should be willing to undertake a revision procedure if it is reasonable.If a surgeon does not have a lot of experience they may not be willing to undertake more complicated revision surgery, or may feel that revision surgery is not in the patient’s best interest.


If you are interested in having Dr. Goldberg review the results of your breast augmentation please feel free to book an appointment here.  While some doctors shy away from revision breast augmentation Dr. Goldberg will assess your results and your expectations and give a professional and honest opinion about whether or not to proceed.


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