How long does it take to recover from a nose job?

A nose job is also referred to as rhinoplasty and its a very popular procedure because of the considerable difference it can make to a patient’s appearance. Variables such as the type of nose job (open or closed) factor into things such as healing time and more. Recovery time is an important question to ask.

As a part of our Realself featured Q & A we have Dr Goldberg’s response to:

How long does is take to recover from a nose job?

Recovery after nose surgery (open rhinoplasty) is approx. 3-5 days. Following that, most patients are ready to return to most light activities. However, bruising and swelling can persist and returning to work means that you may need to explain some of these things. If you don’t want anyone in your work environment to recognize that you’ve had any surgery, the safest is to take 2 weeks of downtime.

A nose job is not a simple procedure and you should heavily evaluate your doctor before proceeding. If you have doubts then consult with another surgeon until you’re sure.

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