How soon after Rhinoplasty can I fly or exercise?

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Rhinoplasty (aka a nose job) is a very popular procedure. Dr. Goldberg has helped countless patients with a variety of nose related issues.

The procedure is not an easy one nor is the approach to each nose job fixed.

To address this we will be featuring a series of Q & A’s specifically on nose job questions.

If you are looking at getting a nose job but haven’t gained the required comfort level from your rhinoplasty surgeon please read on. We encourage anyone undergoing a surgical procedure to heavily evaluate their surgeon beforehand and plastic surgery is no exception.

Q: How soon after Rhinoplasty can I fly or exercise?


This is a question that you should ask your surgeon to find out their personal preference.  However, my preference is to ask my patients to wait to for 4 weeks following rhinoplasty surgery, before they fly in an aircraft or engage in vigorous exercise.  I often give my patients permission to do light exercise such as stretching yoga and treadmill at 2 weeks.

If you have your own specific question for Dr. Goldberg regarding nose jobs or other plastic surgery procedures please contact our clinic directly.

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