What Would You Look Like With A Nose Job?

toronto rhinoplasty expert

One of the more difficult parts of braving a nose job (aka rhinoplasty) is being able to envision the results and that’s why we use the Vectra 3D imaging system at our practice. If you you’ve yet to experience the possibilities available from the Vectra 3D imaging system then it might be time to take a look. This amazing technological tool allows our cosmetic surgery patients to sneak a peek at their potential results from their rhinoplasty – also known as a “nose job.” Our practice offers virtual imaging with the Vectra system to help patients preview their results of these two popular procedures.

How does it work? Quite simply, we snap multiple photos of you using the special Vectra camera. We then use these photos to generate a personalized 3-dimensional image to help you see what rhinoplasty might do for you.

This simulated “after” image allows you to play an even more active part in your surgical plan. We can even change the image to sample different surgical options and give you an idea of which approach will best suit your needs.

For more information about Vectra imaging and other tenets of plastic surgery, visit my page on Real Self.

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