Silimed Breast Implants In Canada?

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Silimed breast implants and breast augmentation safety

Recently there has been press coverage of the issues with Silimed breast implants. Toronto patients of Dr. Goldberg or any other surgeon should not be concerned providing their procedures were done in Canada. Dr. Goldberg explains:

Silimed is a Brazilian company that produces a variety of implants for humans, including breast implants. In a recent inspection of their production facility in Brazil it was found that some of their implants had particle contamination on the surface. It’s not known what the contamination is, how many implants are affected, nor if any of these implants reached patients. The invesigation is ongoing. For now, European centers have put a moratorium on their implants.

Silimed is approved by the FDA in the United States, but is not yet approved by Health Canada. So no patients would have had these implants inserted here in Canada. However, if anyone has gone to the US, South America, or Eastern Europe and had breast augmentation then you should confirm the type of implants from your records or contacting your surgeon. 

The only two implant manufacturers approved by Health Canada are Mentor and Allergan, both of whom produce high quality implants that are held to the strictest standards. Both of these companies have been tracked for over 15 years as part of the ongoing program to ensure safety of breast augmentation.

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