Why It Makes Sense To Offer Non Surgical Aesthetic Treatments At Plastic Surgery Clinics

alternative to plastic surgery

Part of any aesthetics clinic are non surgical alternatives to plastic surgery. In Toronto there are clinics devoted to just non surgical or just plastic surgery and we’re proud to offer both. Our staff of aesthetic specialists work with patients using the latest training and the best products to get our patients the results they’re after.

We recently asked Dr. Goldberg about the coming expansion of our non surgical aesthetics division.

Why are expanding your menu of non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery?

As time has passed, more and more patients are looking towards non-surgical alternatives to achieve results.  It’s often the case as technology has advanced that we can offer those results, without having the downtime or risk associated with surgery.  Non-surgical treatments can temporize and take care of many problems until such a point that they’ve reached their limitation and surgery still needs to be considered but this can result in a significant delay in the surgery and offers patients an alternative to having plastic surgery.

We have many non surgical offerings at our clinic ranging from anti ageing laser procedures to injectables to non surgical skin rejuvenation and we invite anyone interested to review them on our website or book an appointment.


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