The Problem (And An Answer) With Breast Reconstruction Surgery


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A recent article on The Huffington Post deals with reconstructive surgery after battling breast cancer. Because of the nature of the surgery women often need 1 or both breasts rebuilt which differs from breast augmentation. Breast implants and breast augmentation and breast reconstruction both help build and/or repair a woman’s negative body image so its important to be happy with your results.

…many went through breast reconstruction not knowing what you were going to look like after surgery… …98% said that they had no idea or wished they had known more. 2% said they knew and a few said that they didn’t care.

The article references the authors own polling efforts while trying to help herself visualize her own results. As you can see the issue may be a matter of not knowing to even consider aesthetics after having already gone through something so traumatic. This particular patient took it upon herself to go further before she had breast reconstruction surgery. Our practice utilizes the Vectra 3D System for patients. It shows them how they can expect to look once the surgery is complete. This brave woman went a step further: she made her Breast Cancer Previsualization app.

Going into surgery knowing what I could expect to look like after was game-changing. As a patient of Breast Cancer, it gave me a sense of control where there is very little control.

Having peace of mind over the results of something like breast reconstruction is a major asset in completely recovering both physically and emotionally from breast cancer. Thank you for sharing your story, Marianne and best of luck in helping more women become happy with their bodies again.


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