Toronto Facelift Specialist: Dr. Cory Goldberg

toronto facelift clinic

The word facelift often makes people think of overdone Hollywood stars such as the late Joan Rivers. However the face lift procedure is relatively minor, requires minimal recovery time, and lends itself to natural results when done with skill and good judgement. I don’t give overdone and unnatural results but strive to help bring back the face you used to see in the mirror 10 to 15 years ago.

The benefits of a facelift last forever. This procedure turns back the clock though the clock continues to run. So your face will always look more rejuvenated and youthful though you will continue to age naturally and gracefully.

There is no single face lift technique and your surgeon needs to assess your individual needs and goals.

I am most satisfied when I receive feedback from my patients who tell me that by improving their appearance it has consequently improved their life.  If you’re interested in discussing the facelift procedure Toronto offers up many options. Review my before and photos of real patients who have come to my clinic hoping to look younger and have then gone on to achieve just that.

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