Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss

toronto tummy tuck
For those who have lost weight in Toronto: tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty) may be the solution to the problem of excess skin.

If you have recently lost weight, you may have noticed excess and/or lax skin around your midsection. What you may not be noticing are the weakened abdominal muscles underneath. These common by-products of weight loss will generally only improve with a tummy tuck procedure. My patients often ask about this procedure which is also known as “abdominoplasty” in the wake of massive or even moderate weight loss.

I offer a variety of approaches to the tummy tuck procedure. The right one for you will depend on your body type your pattern of weight loss. Tummy tuck procedures can vary from a full abdominoplasty to what is known as a “mini tummy tuck.” The latter procedure requires a smaller incision but it also only addresses skin and muscle laxity below the navel.

If you have questions about the tummy tuck procedure please do not hesitate to book an appointment

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