What’s the difference between medical grade and over- the- counter anti ageing skin care products?

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With thousands of cosmetic and skin care products it’s difficult to make a decision as to what’s best for you. The majority can be bought “over-the-counter” from your local drugstore, department store or even on the internet. In order to maximize results versus continually trying the latest fad, I recommend a consultation with a skin care specialist. These knowledgeable professionals have extensive training to assess your skin and recommend a personalized plan for your non surgical skin care. They understand that your skin care needs are constantly changing based on the time of year, your health, age and lifestyle.
Medical grade non surgical anti ageing skin care products can only be purchased at a location with a licensed professional. These products offer higher concentrations of active ingredients compared to over-the-counter options. This translates into better, faster results, which in turn means a greater return on your investment.
While many over-the-counter products are subject to Health Canada’s FDA approval, this is primarily to ensure minimal safety standards. There is little to no accountability relative to advertising claims made to address various skin issues.

Medical grade skin care products may seem more expensive but they offer greater value. Here’s why: (1) The active ingredients are more concentrated, so you’ll likely need fewer products per application. (2) You’ll achieve better results and gain more from any skin care treatments if you follow the recommended home care regimen. (3) You’ll have greater confidence knowing your products were chosen specifically for your skin by someone with skill and knowledge.



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